April 24, 2019

It seems ok


There’s the stuff we knock out of the park, the stuff we do that’s above average, and the pretty good, and then the good enough – all in the realm that we can be proud of happy about. 

Somewhere south of that … we all have things that we’re pretty much getting away with. Where we know we could have done so much better. Maybe it’s lack of time and maybe that’s ok once or twice. But when we put in a Get Away With It performance, and we know it was more about lack of care or attention than a justifiable alternative, we’re storing up trouble. Not on this particular piece of sub-prime real-estate, but in the grooves we’re cutting to a place where it seems ok. 

Which is, in fact, ok … right up until it isn’t. And, surprise, we don’t get away with it.

Skippy strategy: Don’t groove on getting away with it.