October 11, 2016

It’s complicated


Customers have complicated problems and there’s plenty of complexity in what you do to help.

You wrassle products and services and processes and systems and people into a coherent proposition that eases their pain and makes their life easier.

Getting in front of a prospect for the first time, it’s tempting to lay it all out there. By the time you’re done, one hundred and thirteen slides later, boy are they gonna know how you can help … and what you do … and your company’s history … and every feature you’ve built … and every diagram you’ve drawn … and be in no doubt whatsoever, damn it!, that you know your stuff.

And you probably do.

But the best way to demonstrate that at first meetings? Make the complicated simple.

Simple language, simple explanations, simple answers.

And they think … finally! Someone who understands this stuff.

Skippy strategy: The more complicated, the more simple.