November 4, 2016

It’s easy

Status Quo

There’s a lot to hate about the status quo.

From the inside, it’s a barrier. It gets in the way of innovation and experiments and even the least risky new ideas. Not that anyone particularly likes it, it’s just that it works – and if it ain’t broke?

From the outside, it’s a killer. It’s the combined weight of every previous decision and all the vested interests that work to keep them solid. It gets in the way by stifling anyone on the inside who might want to tickle some innovation and experiments into life.

But risk aversion and vested interest aren’t enough on their own.

The real sway the status quo holds? They like it. It’s easy.

What we know, is easy. The solution we use, is easy. Accepting yesterday’s decisions, the ones we’ve already argued, is easy.

The answer: make the new easier than the old.

Skippy strategy: Better isn’t enough.