June 18, 2016

It’s on you

Heavy lifting

In any business that needs more than a phone box for an all-hands meeting, there’s a lot you can delegate. Way more than you do now. Big things and small things. And all the better if you do – for everyone.

Some things though … not so much.

The buck really does come to a grinding halt right under your feet.

In a crisis – it’s on you.

If the marketing is emaciated, again … it’s on you.

If the seats in the bathroom wash around … it’s on you.

If the manager or the managed is failing to do their job … it’s on you.

Not because you should prevent the crisis, write the copy, fix the toilet or turn a screwdriver – but because you’ve created or tolerated the way things are.

So if something’s bugging you, don’t moan about it, create new conditions.

Skippy strategy: Find something needs fixing? Do the heavy lifting.