November 14, 2019

Jenny Rose

Jenny Rose

Where are we?

Geographically – on the journey from where we started to where we want to be, how far have we come, what progress have we made, who is with us, who helped along the way. Review time: where are we?

Emotionally – related but not synonymous with geography. Depending on how hard the progress and and how high we’ve come. We may be drained or we may be elated. Wherever we are, it’s good to check in.

Philosophically – it’s a journey that’s about more than just the distance travelled. What have we learned, what’s the relationship between effort and effect, are we on a winning course, do we still have faith, are we dependent on it?

Skippy strategy: Once in a while, pen and paper away from the day to day, over a coffee at the Jenny Rose … check in on where we are. Ok then. What’s next?