December 31, 2016

Just noodlin’


It’s not possible to spend every minute pushing your project forward.

Running interference:

Work gets in the way – very few of us have a single focus in our working hours. The project might be The Most Important Thing sitting on your agenda but there’s likely seventeen other high-priorities and a hundred and seventeen everything-elses.

Life gets in the way – whether squeezing in around the edges or completely taking over, life has a habit of demanding commitment and adding perspective. Tending relationships, playing bricks on the floor, movie night.

Just noodlin’ – tv, books, drawing, shopping, biking, running, spinning tops. Things, something other, that gets you into or out of your head … soul food.

And that’s normal.

So when you look around and find The Most Important Thing still sitting there, untended, waiting, staring, give yourself a pass and get set to push again.

 Skippy strategy: Stand where you are.