October 12, 2019

Just the same


Stuff happens.

Some of it’s good and we … fold it into our understanding of business and usual and get on with our day-to-day. We might highlight it at an update session but otherwise, hmph.

Some of it’s bad and we … have a tendency to run around like the roof is on fire, screaming to anyone who’ll listen, and overacting until it gets fixed or we gain a hard fought sense of business as usual when we can get on with our day-to-day.

Both start with stuff happening. Both end with the day-do-day.

The thing is, stuff does happen.

Our job it to deal with it, normalise it, get on with creating the value we were always creating. That means reacting to the good stuff (which we can normally manage pretty easily) and the bad stuff just the same.

Skippy strategy: Stuff happens … how interesting … let’s get on with whatever’s next.