April 17, 2024

Knee deep


At the gateways, the decision points, the should-we-do-this moments are the normal considerations about resources and opportunity and risk and potential and upside and downside.

Then there’s the cost in terms of alternative uses of those resources and the distraction effects of adding something new to what we’re already doing.

There’s the worry of what-ifs, all the things we know we don’t know and what’s in the shadows, the doubt, the contrary views and internal wrangles.

Boiled down, the moment of decision is about spirit.

Do we have the will to take this on and keep on pushing through when we’re knee deep in mud that we know is there but we don’t know where?

Do we want to do this, really, and do we care enough, whatever it takes?

Skippy strategy: Do we have the spirit and the will, no matter what it takes?