October 30, 2016

Known for it


Deliver a consistently strong performance or product or service, you become known for it. You’re trusted, expectations are high, recommendable. You’ve built a reputation. A brand people believe in.

Deliver inconsistency, you become known for that. No one quite believes your promises. Maybe they’ll get you on a good day, maybe not. Expectations are middling at best. You’ve built a reputation. A brand no one quite believes in.

You, your team, your organisation, your product, your services – everything becomes know for how it delivers. How it fulfils it’s promises. What it shows. Not what it tells/sells, not the fine words and pixel-perfect marketing.

It’s the actuality that takes hold in peoples minds. That positions your brand. That matters.

Whatever you do consistently, good or bad, you become known for, and that’s branding. Everything else is wrapping paper.

Skippy strategy: Build your brand by being known for consistency.