September 17, 2023

Knows to do


Ok. So there’s a bunch of stuff that only you can do. Only you can represent things they way you do, negotiate on behalf of the whole, set out the challenge and lead the charge. Only you can do your special thing. Same for everyone else – they have their domains, things that are entirely of them. Not much fits in these buckets, but there’s some.

Then there’s other stuff you do.

Jobs and tasks that could be done by others – if only they had the training, if only you could bear to let it go. Those handle-cranking duties that sit with only one person, and no one else knows to do, or how.

And that’s fine, right up until it’s not. When that one person is ill, or on holiday, or leaves. And then the learning curve is vertical.

Skippy strategy: Set it up so anyone can turn the crank.