September 29, 2021

Learn its ways


Tool for the job is one cost that should never be skimped if you can help it. Sure, it’s possible to open a can with a stone (or not), but it’s easier, quicker and produces less waste and frustration if you use an opener, or, worst case, a knife. Give your team the best tools you can afford and the training to use them properly. Use the best tools yourself, whether it’s a leadership philosophy, a macro in your spreadsheet or hiring the right person with a great attitude and appropriate skills. The best tools give the best opportunity to pull this thing off.

But, having the tools and using them are not the same thing. As soon as you pick up that stone, forget the training or undermine that specialist, you’ve upended the bench and wasted the promise.

Skippy strategy: Pick it up, learn its ways, use it.