September 24, 2019

Learning loop


Feedback isn’t a negative thing.

It might feel like though, in annual appraisals and project post mortums and any kind of review process, it’s natural to focus on the down slopes. To accept all that was done well as business as usual and put most energy into wheedling out the dark matter.

Which is good, and useful, and the way to learn a decent parcel of the available lessons, but it isn’t the entire game, and even then, it doesn’t need to be negative. It’s negative if you make it. It’s destructive if you want it to be. And it’s only one side of the coin.

Correctly, feedback is a learning loop.

This happened (good, middling or bad) and we can learn this from it. Then this happened (good, middling or bad) and we learned this other lesson from it.

Skippy strategy: This happend, and we learned this lesson.