February 26, 2017

Leave some juice


Living at the margins, every penny counts. They’re measurable, people care about them, they stack up and add up and sometimes, all those pennies make a material difference.

Price is important. It is. But, unless you’re in the commodity business (you’re not, are you?) not as important as what really matters.

For most of us, the game isn’t won or lost on pennies.

Assuming you’re in the ball park, the game is about relationships and follow through and quality. It’s about partnership rather than customer-and-supplier. It’s about believing, knowing, that they’ll work with you, pushing through, playing catch when everything’s flying out of the back end of the fan.

You don’t have to shake the last one percent out of the deal. Leave it on the table so there’s goodwill and latitude when you need it.

Skippy strategy: Don’t shake every penny from the deal. Leave some juice.