August 27, 2016

Left dangling


Inside large organisations, everything is sugar-coated, silky cushions, no hard landings, no bitter pills. In all that warmth and cosiness, their slow slow very-slow pacing and seeming inability to make a decisions actually works for them – they’re not waiting on cash-flow, they’re not starving for news-flow – it’s how they smooth out uncertainty and deal with nuanced risk.

For the rest of us … no sugar, no silk, nothing soft.

It’s cold, dangling out here.

And sometimes, them’s the breaks.

What to do about it?

Two options: wait it out; get on with something else.

Choose one, and you might freeze to death.

So, choose two. Tie-off some loose ends, finish some orphan projects, inject some thinking into knotty problems. Maybe even start a contingency project.

And then, when the phone does ring …

Skippy strategy: Don’t sit around waiting. Make things happen.