April 20, 2016

Let it go


Bad stuff happens.

Things go wrong, they’re not as advertised, arrive later than scheduled or are left unfinished. People let you down, don’t follow through, put in less effort than you’d like or the job demands. Supplies are throttled, ships get stuck in customs, events run out of control. Someone carries the can.

Irritating, disappointing, catastrophic?

However hard it hits, you deal with the mess and get over it. Move on.

Doesn’t mean your forgive, forget, or fail to learn the lessons where you find them. But you breathe in, breathe out and get another day older.

And then you have to let it go.

Don’t keep bringing it up. Harping on. Rehashing the he-said-she-said and the you-did-that of the thing. It won’t put it right, and the lessons are already learned. Everything else is poking a healing wound.

Skippy strategy: Put it behind you and face forward.