January 17, 2021

Let’s do this …


People love options. They like to make choices, they enjoy wrangling with themselves over whether to go left or right, to go green or blue. They wallow in choices. They chow down. They roll around, sometimes for months, savouring the options and the very power to choose.

People hate options. They want a simple solution, they like a fait accompli, they like it when someone else takes control and makes the choices for them so all they have to do is turn up and write the cheque.

People don’t know what they want. They know they like options but they know options cause problems and delays and arguments and I-don’t-know confusions. They know they like certainly and people who bring them solutions instead of yet more damn questions.

People know that they want what they want. They just don’t know what that is.

Skippy strategy: Let’s do this …