September 30, 2020

Let’s not compromise


Let’s agree not to compromise.

Let’s say that when we’re looking for the next member of the team, we hold out and hold out and hold out until we find the right person with the right attitude and a decent blend of transferable skills.

Let’s agree that the new feature should work and will work exactly as it supposed to work, every time. Every. Time. And that if it fails any of the tests we throw at it, we’ll go around again until we’re sure.

Let’s agree not to let it slide, to give them a break, to look the other way.

Let’s commit, right here right now, to all the figures adding up, to a complete archive, to a polish that shines, to a presentation that sings, to giving all our effort and doing whatever it takes.

Skippy strategy: When it matters (and when doesn’t it?) let’s not compromise.