Yes, it’s about the journey.

And, yes, it’s how you develop along the way.

And, yes, that’s your story.

And, of course, it’s rare that the path from here to there is problem free.

Speed bumps, crevasses, detours, cul de sac, blind alleys, obstacles, big obstacles, giant obstacles, long grass and long months lost. Many times you don’t even end up where you wanted – you’re beaten back, get distracted or taken off to another priority.

Not following (not being able to follow) the plan is normal. Not finishing is common.

So let’s not mortgage the plan, at the very beginning, to everything having to go according to a perfect vision before we even start. 

Let’s promise to put a bit more time into contingencies, and charting progress, and keeping everyone together, and dealing with reality with our eyes wide open.

In other words, let’s deal in reality.

Skippy strategy: Plan, with rolling room.