December 23, 2020

Let’s review


At the end of a thing, like a meeting or a project or a journey or a month, it’s tempting to put it behind and turn to a new page. The last thing is over, it was what it was, time now to pick our eyes up and look for what’s next along the track.

Not so fast.

At the end of a thing, take a moment to work out what happened, squeeze the learning, celebrate the wins, and agree how to deal with the new day that’s coming.

In other words, let’s review.

Five minutes at the end of the meeting: we agreed this, the actions are these, we’ll communicate like this.

End of the project: we got this right, this wrong, next time we’ll do better here and here.

End of the month: our scorecard, wins and losses, what we’ll do different.

Skippy strategy: Learn from yesterday.