March 30, 2016

Letting them down


It happens.

You don’t want it to, but it does.

Once in a (hopefully, very long) while, for, your know, reasons, you have to let someone down.

You may not want to tell them, you can try and hide it, but they will find out. In the worst case … when their shipment doesn’t arrive, the doors are bolted, the order is cancelled, the money fails to turn up.

So, as soon as you know, you have two choices:

– Tell them straight away. They get angry. They do whatever they can in mitigation. They appreciate the heads-up.

– You hide it until you can’t hide it. They get angry. They have no chance to mitigate. They work out when you knew. They get angrier.

If you’re going to let them down, don’t make them find out the hardest way of all.

Skippy strategy: Good news or bad, get it out.