October 18, 2017

Leverage, not involvement


At the beginning of the project, there was only a couple of you. You did every little thing because there was no one else. You had every thought, made every decision, took every action. And it worked. The project grew and you added a couple more people. Then a couple more. Then more.

At what point did you, or do you, stop being involved in every little thing.

The smart answer – sooner than is comfortable.

The standard answer – later, waaaay later, than is smart.

The smart answer is smart because your impact is based on leverage, not involvement.

Involved in everything, your leverage is a factor of one. If you hire well, encourage autonomy and only get involved only where you add significant value, your leverage is ten. Work on leverage to get more done with less effort and greater impact.

Skippy strategy: Work on maximising leverage, not involvement.