August 3, 2017

Like a human


Every day, all day, we’re switched into communication mode. At the coffee shop, in the meeting, writing the email, around the water cooler. Even three hours deep into the spreadsheet, we’re working out what stories they tell and how to tell their tale to others.

How to do that?

On the receiving end, none of us like to be patronised with management-speak, legalease or corporate-bland. We like to be called by our name, to be given credit for an ounce of intelligence, to share a smile. We appreciate a genuine apology, not a rubber-stamp sorry.

So … on the giving end, put some soul into it. Engage in the dialogue, read (or imagine) the body language, roll emails until they sound the way you (and not a robot) speak. Give a little personality, don’t be scared of sounding like a, oh, I don’t know, human.

Skippy strategy: Starting position – imagine you’re already friends.