December 10, 2018

Like humans


Customers are human.

They respond in pretty much the same way as most other humans you know. They like to be treated with respect, not to be taken advantage of, not talked down to, given the benefit of the doubt, feel that you mean what you say and you say what you mean. They like it when things go well and are irritated when they don’t, and their irritation doubles when no one takes responsibility or they feel like there’s a cover up.

In other words, not only are they human, but they’re just like you.

So the trick in dealing with customers (and suppliers and partners and just about everyone else) is to treat them as you like to be treated.

No kidding, right?

Talk to them like humans.

Write to them like humans.

Treat them like humans.

Skippy strategy: When you need to know how to say it, talk in the mirror.