December 17, 2021

Long spark


Isn’t it all about promises?

Success in business, in organisations, in a partnership, in life, is about fulfilling the promises you make to the right number of people. Make too many or too few, you’ll be overcommitted or under achieving, fail to deliver and you’ll disappoint yourself as much as them.

The game then is all about making and keeping the right kind of promises, to the right kind and number of people. That way lies fulfilment, growth, happiness.

At the centre of it all is a spark. Not a one time only flash in the pan kind of spark. But a combustion engine spark, that keeps repeating for the entire journey, adding energy and urgency to every event, lighting up everything around itself. A spark that knows what it is, what it’s for and delivers that purpose every time. A long spark.

Skippy strategy: Nurture the long spark