May 2, 2024

Looser, faster


We used to spend six months planning. Working out exactly what was needed, the why of the thing, then all the ways we’d sort things out. There’s be requirements specifications and operating details and risk registers and plenty about the how. And this process had its merits, at the time.

Now, we plan-do, plan-do, plan-do. Most times there’s some kind of an overarching why and a vision of the what, and we have at least some idea about the major pieces and how they’ll hook together.

Looser, faster, way more reactive to whatever reality throws in your path.

We know this. We know the world keeps turning in its own sweet way, no matter how well we plan. And we know that being reactive is (almost) always smarter than being rigid.

It’s not just for projects.

Skippy strategy: Whatever it is, get on with it and dance along the way.