August 8, 2022

Love a problem


Don’t you love a problem?

It’s something to work on that keeps you interested and engaged. Working you way through the issues, finding your flow, pulling on levers and using your team. A problem solved is a notch on your belt and another war story to draw on next time around. We got this because we always get this.

It’s a lens that helps you see the flaws on everything that went before. The gotchas in your process, the weak links in your supply, the partners looking the other way, the unmotivated and inattentive, the past-their-best technologies. It’s all below the surface, waiting for a problem to shine a light.

So you fix the problem and have the joy of firefighting. And you fix the system and have the joy of a little more robustness and a little more insight.

Skippy strategy: Squeeze the joy from problems wherever they are.