May 24, 2023

Lovely if


In six months time, wouldn’t it be lovely if …

Assuming you manage the finish the sentence with something tangible and that’s within the bounds of reason (even if it’s only the smell of the hint of the wisp of the possible), you have a few options.

– Do nothing different than standard. Dream a little about how really really lovely it would be, and then get down on yourself as the deadline approaches and you’re still doing the same as you always did.

– Hope, hope, hope, despair.

– Convince yourself, immediately, there’s no chance, there are too many barriers, Bill or Barbara won’t help, and give up before you start.

– Burst into action, make progress, get stuck, abandon, move on to the next lovely if.

– Get on with it, deal with issues, keep making progress, push through.

If it’s possible in six month, and you care, take steps.

Skippy strategy: Start, continue, finish.