March 17, 2021

Loves a silo


You’d think that half the organisational world – three quarters maybe, nine tenths even – loves a silo. That they believe the way to do things, the way to get things done, more things than would otherwise be the case, is to organise separate units of workers into discrete groups that interact little with one another and trust each other less. That business schools teach the value of the disparate and the disconnected, that conferences are piled high with key note speakers extolling the virtues of minimal cross functional or inter departmental communication or coordination, that business titans shout about grain towers from the front cover of business and airline magazine covers.  

Say it ain’t so. Say, not around here. Say, not in this high performing team. Say, we believe the way to get things done is to agree what to do and work on it together.

Skippy strategy: In plain sight.