June 24, 2019

Make some space


Any time you bring new things into your team – like a person, a process, a thing – you have to make some space.

Nothing ever fits exactly the hole you were trying to fill. What’s more, the hole was kinda-sorta filled anyway – even if that was with sticking plasters, sealing wax and string.

The thing is, all the kinda-sorta fixes are familiar and, whilst nobody exactly loves them, at least they know where they stand with them. Systems have been built around them. They’re a known quantity.

Which means … resistance.

It’s easier tap dancing around the way we’ve always done something than adopting something new.

It’s true for customers and it’s true for you and it’s true for your team.

Make space early – surface organisational issues, policies, working practices, existing relationships and vested interests that might get in the way. 

Bring them on board, today.

Skippy strategy: Make space for new things.