October 16, 2020

Mark progress


Our heads our down, all of us, we’re working on what we’re working on getting through the to-do list one day after another. We turn a pile of work to be done into a pile of work that’s been done, and then we start on the next pile. The calendar clicks around, we’ve chewed through mountains, and our heads are still down. Still chewing.

We all get overtaken by the need to get stuff done and keep moving forward. This battle, that skirmish, this crevasse, that loch, this step and this step and this step and this. Next time you get to the top of a hill, look around, take in where you’ve come from, see how far you’ve moved. Look at all the progress you’ve made, and take a minute or ten to celebrate.

Skippy strategy: Take a minute to mark progress, to celebrate, and get set for the next step.