November 24, 2015

Match fit


Pitching to investors, you better be prepared. Know your numbers, understand the customer, nail your proposition, show the holes in your team, tick off the milestones the expose the leaps of faith.

Selling to customers, you better know their pain, what it means, the problems it causes. You better have answers that are easy to understand and solutions that are easy to buy and be ready to partner so everybody wins.

Building a team of big hitters, you better be interesting and show them a vision that’s worthy of their talent and attention. You better have ambition and drive and be ready to rumble.

Doing anything: better get match fit.

Or flabby? You could be reluctant, indecisive, lethargic, slow to respond, not push through, not finish.

Fit is better than flabby. Build strength and resilience from effort. From never settling, never taking the easy route. From working hard and always being ready to run fast and jump through rings of fire, to take decisions and face up to risk. To grit it out.

The time to get match fit? Before you need it.

Time to start?

Skippy Strategy: Look from the outside in; what’s one thing most needs a route march?