February 19, 2020

Mean them


Let’s just say that you made the judgement call and it didn’t work out. That’s the way of judgement calls, you judge and the chips fall.

Sometimes though, the judgement is flawed. You made a call that on any other day, in any other town, in front of any other identical circumstances, you wouldn’t have made.

Let’s just say you had a lapse of judgement. You make enough calls, sometimes you’re going to forget the judgement part and go with the first thing that enters your head … and the chips will fall all the same.

When it happens (and it was always going to happen), do not pretend it didn’t happen, don’t get prickly. Get over yourself, ‘fess up, make whatever apologies (not excuses) you have to, and move as the smarter, wiser and more experienced person you can become.

Skippy strategy: Make your apologies, and mean them.