November 6, 2015

Meet me at the finish line


For some of us, the finish line is a fantasy.

It’s a smudge we glance at as we move on to the next thing. If we ever stop and look down all we see is the path leading somewhere new. So loose, we don’t mind if it moves. Forwards, back, left, right. So comfortable with its imprecision, we don’t even think that way. There is no finish line.

And yet.

When we pass them unnoticed, or if we never quite get there as the hunt pursues the new new, we miss the chance to step back, to breathe, to bring everyone together, to celebrate.

And that’s a mistake. It turns the excitement of creation and arrival into a daily grind of not quite there-ness.

Every finish line may only be a staging post, but take a moment to rest the horses and freshen up.

Skippy Strategy: Work, work, work, work. Yay! Work, work, work, work. Yay! Work, work, work, work. Yay!