January 21, 2020

Miss the change


When you grow, things change.

The people that used to fit together beautifully, knowing the who and the what and the how and the when of each other, no longer do. They have reports to manage, dependencies and connections to coordinate, gaps to fill, holes to kinda-sorta plug with kinda-sorta solutions. They have fluctuating and frustrating responsibilities. They have new managers of their own, teams of their own, resources of their own. What used to work – like talking to your entire team across a desk – not only doesn’t work but isn’t even possible. What used to be easy – like decision making and keeping everyone plied with tea and biscuits – no longer is.

And we miss the change.

And we leave the old systems and assumptions in place.

And everything creaks.

When everyone’s complaining about everything … pay attention and take action.

Skippy strategy: When the systems are out of date … rebuild.