March 27, 2017

Mistakes were made


Uncomfortable as it is, sometimes you make errors. What you swore was blue, turns out green. What you thought would cost seven, works out at twenty-seven. What was going to be a quick hour on Saturday morning, burns the whole weekend, and Monday, and Tuesday.

Mistakes are made.

Not much you can do except deal with them as best you can (which often involves honesty and humility) and accept the consequences.

The two best way of avoiding the most damning consequences.

Don’t make mistakes – nice idea. Do what you can to avoid them … a bit more due diligence, a bit less hit-and-hope.

Fess up as early as you can – better to deal with reality today than keep everyone dancing until the truth squeezes it’s way into the light. And it always does, and no one appreciates your fantasy.

Skippy strategy: When mistakes are made, get over them.