January 1, 2020



What we like is momentum.

That sense that the sum of all the efforts is moving things in the right direction. Sure, there are missteps. Absolutely, we find ourselves down a cul de sac every now and again. But in general, the flywheel is turning. And most days, given the efforts of good people well directed, all the little nudges of all and every vector, it spins just a little bit faster than the day before.

Momentum givers? Good people adding more energy in the right direction than in the wrong one. Momentum builds more quickly when more good people or more energy is aligned more perfectly. All that, is down to you.

The momentum killers? People (even good people) chasing after changing goal posts and trying to land on shifting stepping stones. (Mixed metaphors don’t help. Do they?) That’s down to you.

Skippy strategy: More good people, more energy, clear alignment.