November 30, 2015

Monitor forever


The first time you check, all good. The second, the same. The third, yup. Fourth, mm-hmm.

The thing about monitoring … it’s pretty boring.

When things are good, nothing happens. No catastrophe. Just more nothing. All is good with the world.

It’s easy to get lulled.

Attention becomes casual, then cursory, then careless – maybe ceases altogether.

And still nothing goes wrong.

Until it does. When you didn’t see it coming. When you couldn’t pinch off the drip … the rot took hold, the relationship soured, the competitor evolved, the market shifted, the cash dried up, the ethics were traded, the …

The thing about monitoring … it’s pretty relentless.

Left neglected … when things go bad, critical stuff happens.

If it’s worth keeping an eye on, it’s worth keeping an eye on for as long as it can make a difference.

Skippy Strategy: Tend the system and act fast when the siren sounds.