August 18, 2020

More than scale


There are two kinds of organisation: big ones and small ones.

Big ones tend to be, erm, bigger, and have lots of people doing lots of things. To organise all those people and things they tend to have lots of systems and processes – and big organisations therefore tend to be defined more by their systems and processes than the people that carry them out.

Small ones tend to be less organised with fewer defined systems and processes and more flexibility in the way they do things. They’re more nimble, have shorter decision making loops, and are enormously more dependent on the problem solving abilities of their people to think their way through the difficulties of the day.

Tendencies. Not always.

Moving from one kind of organisation to the other, in either direction, can be: stultifying, liberating, irritating, exhilarating, frustrating, like coming home.

Skippy strategy: Size is about more than scale.