February 23, 2017

My superpower, please


You know that playground/dinner-party conversation about superpowers … what would yours be? And the struggle to choose between flying or invisibility? (Flying).

I have another request, please, if you have any strings you can pull, pretty please.

I’d like it, that when someone says they’ll do something, they’ll actually do it. You know, fulfil on their commitments.

Nothing grand. I don’t want the power to hold someone to investing nuclear fusion by Tuesday or even hit their revenue goals. I just want them to return their phone calls, deal with their emails, not leave anyone hanging around, sort out the typo’s in the presentation like they promised to, pay their bills on time.

And when I think about it, I kinda have that superpower already, over myself. So do you.

We can do what we say we’re going to do. Even when it’s inconvenient.

Skippy strategy: Return that call.