September 1, 2021

Navigate the rapids


You get used to change. You do change every day, change becomes a part of you. You’re comfortable with it, you accept it, instead of fighting it, you go with it, you lean into it, you adopt and adapt to it. You’re ok working in a low data environment, still able to navigate via the few remaining fixed points whilst almost everything is in flux, capable of making decisions and ploughing that furrow.

It’s not the same for everyone. Some are foxed by change, resist it, shy away and yearn for certainty, for the steady beat of day following day to the well-honed hum of strumming efficiency and effectiveness.

What happens if? When the answer today is different from yesterday’s, whilst you accept the challenge, they experience the fear. Let them into the circle, show them the fixed points, help them navigate the rapids.

Skippy strategy: Be the fixed point.