February 2, 2019

Nebulous to no doubt


In the beginning, you have an idea. You think about it a lot and talk about it a little. Every telling makes is slightly clearer – not the solution maybe, but the story, the tale that gets you from notion to nub, from nebulous to no doubt.

Next step is to bring it to life, at least a little bit. Clear the kitchen table and mock it up – this and this and this, and then when you do that this other thing happens. Do you see? And with every demonstration, it gets a little clearer.

Next step is the proof of concept, then the prototype, then the second prototype, then the release candidate.

And all the while, it gets a little clearer.

Don’t expect to have a polished idea from the start. Talk, then play, then do – making it clearer, adding polish, at every step.

Skippy strategy: Talk, play, do, iterate.