November 19, 2020

No control


The worst place to be is where you’re waiting for someone else to do or say something, when you have no influence over timing or even the yes/no of it, with important things on your side swinging in the wind. In other words, when you have no control.

Sadly, we all know that feeling.

Sadly, we’ve all been responsible for that feeling in others.

If you’re the one dangling, the only thing to do is find something better to do. Get on with something else. Something you can influence. Something which involves making actual progress on things you can control.

If you’re the one hanging them out there … stop that. Let them know, at least, when they’ll hear from you. If you can, tell them how the process is going and what’s in the way. Whatever else, give them control of their wait time.

Skippy strategy: Let them know.