July 29, 2019

No point


There better be a point.

Getting all these people together, sharing space around a table, in a meeting room, on a conference call – spending their time – there better be a point.

Some kind of expectation got them there. Maybe it was the subject, maybe the invitation or the inviter, or perhaps it was just habit (we always have a meeting on Tuesday). But there better be a point.

If it’s an update, set the scene. If it’s to make a decision, call it out at the start. If it’s for a group hug, shout out the ra-ra. 

Explain why all these people are in the room, and why some faces you’d expect to see alongside these faces or at meetings like this are missing.

It’s a test: if you can’t explain the what and the who – close the door on it.

Skippy strategy: There better be a point … make it clear.