October 8, 2019

Not clear


After the meeting, we’re still not clear.

It might seem like a failure of intent, or writing, or the conversation, or the people in the room, or their interest in and application to the cause. All that time, and we’re still not clear?

In reality, it’s about dealing with conflict.

The reason we’re not clear isn’t anything to do with the difficulty or complexity of the subject, it’s because we didn’t deal with the real issue … that we don’t agree on something fundamental. So we hedged, and we skirted, and we spent more time than was necessary on subjects that didn’t need it.

And all the while, stubborn in the middle of the table, the actual problem – which everybody knows about and nobody’s taking about. Pick it up and deal with it like any other problem; purposefully.

Skippy strategy: Whenever there’s plenty of discussion and limited clarity – mine for conflict.