September 19, 2023

Not exactly


Mistakes will be made.

Tab A will somehow be squeezed into Slot C instead of B. It happens. Them’s the breaks. 

Sure you can organise to avoid. You can put processes in place, quality control, inspection regimes, factory gate checks. You can train and train and train again. You can do everything thinkable to make sure mistakes are impossible. And then they’ll happen anyway. Maybe not exactly like last time, but Sod’s Law has a way of proving itself.

Laugh it off, accept it as the price of playing, walk away from it, hide it, disguise it, blame it on the other guy, fix it?

Assuming you’re playing the long game:

– Take responsibility and fix it. With honesty and humility, do whatever it takes to make it right.

– Learn from it and update the play book (or the next time won’t be a mistake).

Skippy strategy: Fix and learn.