May 5, 2024

Not just annual


The things about appraisals:

– Not just annual. The discipline of going through what is and isn’t working should be an as-often-as-useful coffee-shop conversation. Don’t wait for the Earth to move around the Sun, get on with it. Weekly, monthly, ad hoc-ly – whatever works.

– Not just for people. Every project, every product, every internal and external relationship could use a bit of consideration and communication. It’s the same process as with people: what is working, what isn’t working, what can be done about dealing with weaknesses and buffing-up strengths.

– Not necessarily dull or scary. Think about it … some of the most engaged conversations we have are the ones where we deal with what lies beneath, and as long as it’s done with good grace and humour … we love and learn from the experience. That’s the way to go.

Skippy strategy: Appraise, assess, review, then get going until the next time.