November 18, 2020

Not quite


Customers, wouldn’t you know it, think of their own interests before they think of yours. They want what they want, the want to pay what they want, and they want it when they want it. None of which may be compatible with your interests.

The game then is to find a place to meet – not necessarily in the middle – where both of you are comfortable with the bargain.

Sometimes, this means saying No. No to the what, no to the how much, no to the when. Or, if not exactly No, then, Not Quite. 

Which can feel risky. Which might be risky.

But what’s the alternative? Saying Yes when the what isn’t possible, when the price doesn’t pay for the product, or when the when is undeliverable. They’re just different kinds of risky.

Skippy strategy: If it has to be a No, try to find an acceptable Not Quiet.