December 6, 2017

Not reverie


Ahhhh …wouldn’t it be lovely if:

– The customer would slap us on the back. A Yes! (Or a No, anything other than a stream of Maybes)

– The new development was seamless.

– The team working in lock-step. Fully aware of and keeping ahead of every dependency and only ever dipping into contingency.

– The cash situation was healthy and the contracts were secure and the entire year was sorted before we came back from the holidays.

– We’d foreseen every issue and headed them off, or mitigated their impact, and the roads were clear.

– We could do all the things we like to do and find other people who like to do everything else.

But … reality.

Everything is harder than you’d like, customers are human, so are we, cash has to be managed, something will always bite you, and sometimes you have to suck it up.

Skippy strategy: Reality, not reverie.