November 16, 2016

Nudging nearer


There are plenty of times when you won’t agree. You say black, they say white. Then it’s down to the willingness to compromise. Which degree of greyness is the place to meet? Nearly black or nearly white or someplace closer to the middle.

The way this pans out sets the tone for everything that happens after.

If one side bullies the other, then you know they’re bullies. If one party buckles at the first push, everyone knows they can be pushed around. Neither scenario bodes well for a meaningful relationship and one side will spend most of their time looking for the door.

If both sides actively work to nudge things to a win-win … maybe there’s legs in this thing.

Whether you start with black or white, remember, we all do our best work for people we want to work with.

Skippy strategy: Don’t buckle, don’t bully. Build.