June 7, 2021

Observable facts


It doesn’t matter what you say about it, if it doesn’t meet with the observable facts, it’s wrong. You might suggest that this method is better than that method, that they do know what they’re doing, that it’s perfectly simple, that it’s quicker this way, that Tab A will fit beautifully into Slot C, that all we need us better communication, that the system works, that if only people did what they were supposed to do, that it will only take five minutes, that it’s very straightforward, that they like it, that of course we have a plan.

But if it doesn’t meet with the reality, it’s not only wrong but it’s disruptive and confusing and counterproductive to continue insisting that it is. Not only will it not achieve the aims you intend, but you’ll also lose the faith of the people you need.

Skippy strategy: Reality is the only judge.